Humber Motor Cars 1931 to 1976
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Dinky 36C

1930's Humber Vogue

Plastic Model Kits

Airfix Monty's Humber (Left), Hasagawa Humber Mkll Armoured Car (Right)

Pathfinder PFM21

1952 Humber Hawk Mark IV

Sun Models 103

1950 Humber Super Snipe

Big River

Humber Super Snipe MarkIV

Dinky 641

1 ton Military Cargo Truck


Dinky 165

Humber Hawk Series 1

Lansdowne Models

Humber Super Snipe Saloon

Brooklin IPV06

1966 Super Snipe Estate

Kent County Constabulary

Spot-On 183

Humber Super Snipe Estate

Landsdowne Models

Humber Sceptre Mark 2

Oxford Diecast

Hulmber Pullman


These are just a selection of Humber models available, usually through online retailers and some specialist model suppliers. Collectors should be aware of restorations and repaints of original models which may seriously affect values. Reproduction boxes and parts are available to restore Dinky and Spot-On models.



"Humber makes a good car finer, faster and more luxurious" 1953

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